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For today we would like to share you a tutorial we found on youtube.com uploaded by goleskie

Credits to the owner of this video.


How to make a perfect hookah

What you need:

Hookah vase
Hookah centerpiece
Alfakher Hookah tobacco (lemon mint) 

aluminum foil


So to start out you want your vase and fill it with the coldest water you can get.
Now that you got your water filled up, Take the center piece and attach it to the vase. Make sure it goes all the way on and touches the bottom
Make sure the hose from the center piece is under the water to help filter the smoke

Next thing you want to do is pack your bowl. There are different kinds of shisha you can get.

For today we use Alfakher Lemon Mint.
You sprinkle some into your bowl and pack it well

After that you can do the finger test and place your finger across the top of the bowl to make sure the shisha is not sticking over the top of edge of the bowl

You want to take a piece of foil, shiny side on top of the shisha and firmly wrap the foil from the top to the side with your hands
Once you have your foil around the bowl, take your thumbtack and make some holes on the foil.
Start from the middle and make some more holes to the outside part if the foil. Make sure you put more holes in the middle part of the foil.

Once you have the shisha packed, make sure you have
the water in your vase
hose is hooked up to the center piece of the hookah
place the ashtray on top
put the bowl on, push and twist to make sure it is nice and tight and no air will be escaping.

Now you hookah is set up!

The last step the lighting of the coal. Use the thong to hold the coal on one hand ans use the lighter on the other hand to light the coal.
Do it for a few moments until you see the coal turn red. Blow on the coal to make it even hotter and then place the hot coal on top of the aluminum foil.

Let it rest for a few minutes and enjoy!

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